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Thanks to our experience in importing and distributing electrical components, cooperation with reliable manufacturers all around the world and attendance in prestigious exhibitions in the world, we are able to communicate with customers through technical support and after-sales services, we also provide accurate services according to customer requirements.



Peyman Electrict's professional and experienced consulting team will provide information and guidance for customers in bellow areas: Stabilizers , Voltage Stabilizer, Encoder, Arrester, Surge Arrester, Couplings, Taco generator, Diode Thyristor, Diode Bridge, IGBT, Variable, High voltage Fuses, Thermo Switch, Resistance Brake, Limit Switches, Motor DC, Converters, Controllers, Flow Transducers, Pressure Transducers. You can also contact the consulting team and follow up your requests through our Telegram channels, fax or email.


With several years of experience in importing and supplying electrical components and industrial automation, we have the ability to supply industrial components which are used in several industries in bellow fields : LV boards manufacturing industry, Earthing systems, protection systems, crane, urban subway systems, medical industry , ceramic tile industry, printing and packaging industry, steel industry, the petrochemical and oil industry and cement industry.

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  • Hohner
  • TER World
  • Maxon Motor
  • Dis-Sensor
  • OBO Beterman
  • Delta
  • Baumer
  • IME


Hohner company has dedicated more than 25 years to exclusively specializing in the design and manufacturing of encoders. This company manufactures 10000 impulse direct-read encoders without interpolation. Hohner company has created solutions for manufacturers in different sections , such as: packaging , heavy machine industry, aeronautical, alimentation, elevation and other industries. It's essential to mention that hohner encoder guarantee of globally recognized quality.

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TER World

The company TER World was founded in Olgiate Molgora. In 1962, the brainchild of its founder, Sergio Blasi, someone who succeeded in entering the field of producing switches and controls for handling machinery and industrial handling, was led to the founding of the company. Rapid growth of the company TER World , was from the very beginning of the production, that in Italy in terms of industrialization, were favorite for industrial factories.

Maxon Motor

MAXON MOTOR Swiss company has 55 years of experience in producing a variety of DC motor and gear motor and DC motor driver and motor and high speed. This company is a supplier of high precision drive systems up to 500 W. The company develops and manufactures brushed and brushless electric DC servo motors as well as corresponding encoders, gears and control electronics. Furthermore the company offers a range of encoders and two programs of motor control electronics. They have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality, and innovation. As a result, this modular product range has constantly been expanded and now includes:
Brushless and brushed DC motors
Brushless flat motors
Planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads
Servo amplifiers, positioning controllers
High-tech CIM and MIM components


Company DIS-SENSOR Netherlands has 25 years of experience in producing all kinds of sensors and accelerometer sensors and sensors protractor inclinometer and encoder and Praksmy switch and sensor for counting passengers with international standards

OBO Beterman

OBO Beterman company is the manufacturer of camera arrester, surge protection arrester for the lightning, network arrester, telecommunications arrester, data arrester, arrester class B, arrester Class C, arrester Class D, arrester Class B + C, arrester Class C + D arrester


Delta is a Japanese company which is active in manufacturing stabilizers, single-phase and three-phase stabilizers


Baumer Company is the manufacturer of Hollow shaft encoder, shaft encoder, incremental encoder, heavy use encoder and Taco generator in Germany


IME is an Italian company which is active in manufacturing flow transducers, pressure transducers, transmitters, flow transmitter, transducer frequency, active transducer, transducer reactive, programmable transducer, power analyzers, ampere meter and voltmeter


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