About Peyman Electric Co.

Peyman Electric contract was opened in 1996 by Hermann Moghadam brothers as the importer and supplier of all appliances, industrial, telecommunication and instrumentation in the country in order to comply with the sustainable process and its organizational values, namely respect to the customers, observance of the principles of citizenship and product protection and support on its agenda. Most of our customers are steel industry, iron and steel industry, DRE industry, hospitals, telecommunications, cement industries and petrochemical industry.

Peyman Electrict's professional and experienced consulting team will provide information and guidance for customers in bellow areas: Stabilizers , Voltage Stabilizer, Encoder, Arrester, Surge Arrester, Couplings, Tacho generator, Diode Thyristor, Diode Bridge, IGBT, Variable, High voltage Fuses, Thermo Switch, Resistance Brake, Limit Switches, Motor DC, Converters, Controllers, Flow Transducers, Pressure Transducers. You can also contact the consulting team and follow up your requests through our Telegram channels, fax or email.


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Sales unit: 0098 21 33999193 | 0098 21 33993055

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Fax: 0098 21 36057593

E-mail: info@peymanelc.com

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