Limit Swich

Limit Swich

Peyman Electric as the agent of TER Products in Iran has this ability to distribute TER products to its neighboring countries in a short time. 

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Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switches,is being used to rein the action of industrial system when in  requirement of considering the movement on the foundation of the  swirl angle and-or of the number of shaft revolt.

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Base Rotary Limit Switch

Base Rotary Limit Switch



Rotary limit switch used to qualify and evaluate the movement of industrial engine.
Its compact size make it appropriate for use in narrow spaces.
- It consists of a gear motor that transfers movement through a primary input reduction stage (worm gear and helical toothed gear) and one or more secondary output stages (pairs of straight toothed gears).
- Mechanical life of switches: 1 million operations.
- IP conservation degree: Base is classified IP42, IP65 or IP66, IP67 and IP69K.
- Accurate adjustment of cams by means of screws.
- NEMA protection degree: Base IP66, IP67 and IP69K is classified Type 3; Base IP42 is classified Type 1.
- Positive opening NC contacts for security functions.


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