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Noise Filter

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Single Phase

Single Phase

Single phase noise filter attenuate electrical noise generated by appliances as well as industrial, telecommunication, commercial, fitness and medical equipment.

Typical applications for these filters include switching power supplies, motor controllers, PWM circuits, induction cooking and food service equipment, microwave ovens, induction heaters and other similar equipment. Single phase EMI/ RFI/ EMC noise filter are used to bring electrical and electronic products into compliance with National (FCC) and International EMC standards, such as CE and more. 

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Three Phase

Three Phase

3-phase noise filters are designed to perform in commercial as well as industrial environments.

Three phase noise filters are rated up to 480VAC, 520VAC and 600VAC for both Delta and WYE configurations. Current ratings are available up to 2500A. Single, dual and multi stage designs are available for specific needs. Versions rated at higher current and voltages can be offered upon request.

Typical applications for these EMI/ RFI/ EMC noise filters include 3-phase industrial drives, inverters, controllers, frequency converters and industrial machine tools. Other applications include industrial power supplies, UPS, fixed computer systems (mainframes), MRIs and X-Ray equipment, heavy duty industrial equipment and more.

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