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Multi-function meter - Power Analyzers

Multi-function meter - Power Analyzers

This is the Input descriptions in the Multi Function (NEMO96HD + (MF96021 :

Single-phase and three-phase network connection is done by 3 or 4 wire three-phase voltage to 400 volts and can be phase-to-phase voltage of 80 to 690 volts and can be single-phase 230 volts.

The current capacity is 1 to 5 amps and can not tolerate the current size and power frequency of 50 Hz.

Features :

Size 96 x 96 mm and has a multi-function LCD display

It has 4 holes to plug into modules RS485 MODBUS PROFI BUS

Single-phase and three-phase model that has 3 or 4 wire unbalanced load performance

Input current transformer CT / 1 and CT / 5



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Active and reactive power transducer

Active and reactive power transducer

IME company Italy is the producer of all types of active and reactive power transducer . A transducer three-phase active power (Active power) and reactive transducer (REACTIVE POWER) are used to read power consumption and can be used to convert values.


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