Technical specifications for Delta Stabilizer

Stabilization of the power in single-phase 220V, series STB-11
Stabilization of the power in three-phases 380V, series STB-33
Protection against lightning, high voltage and surge protection.
Protection against short-circuit
Reduce power consumption costs
Alarm system, electrical noise filter
Digital display
Suitable for electric motors and generators
Adjustable connection delay system
Overload alarm system
Quietly working for quiet environments

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Single-phase Stabilizers Delta

Single-phase Stabilizers Delta

Technical specifications of the single-phase Delta Stabilizer

Single Phase Stabilizer:

1.5 KW Stabilizer with STB-11-1500 Order Code for Protecting, Reinforcing or Undermining Single-phase Electric Power Supply with 6-Amp Output with Standing Output 220 V Digital Displays for Displaying Input Voltage, Ampere and Output Voltage.

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Stabilizers three-phase delta

Stabilizers three-phase delta

Technical specifications of the Delta Three Phase Stabilizer

Three Phase Stabilizer: Stabilizer:

9 KW Stabilizer with STB-33-9000 order code for protecting, amplifying or weakening single-phase power supply of buildings with a current of 12 amps with a constant output of 380 V Digital display for displaying input voltage, ampere and output voltage.

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